Denver City Guide: Tag Raw Bar



It took me a second to find Tag Raw Bar, it’s down the steps in the basement on Larimer. I did not expect to have to look for it, but it was worth the search.

Tag Raw Bar has Sushi and other raw foods, like Oysters and Taco Sushi, which is as splendid as it sounds which I’ll get to in a sec.
As appetizers we had Taco Sushi, which are small tacos with sushi grade tuna, it’s the best “fish taco” I’ve ever had, by a lot. It’s just wonderful, served on top of fresh avocado. We also tried a Brulee avocado, I’ve never had a blow torched avocado, it’s stupendous. I love avocado and trying this as a Brulee wasn’t something I thought possible.
We  had their sushi rolls too. Sisho-Spicy caught our eyes with the name, and then our pallets and subsequently our hearts. It was made with Hamachi, spicy crab, gobo, shiso and daikon oroshi. Don’t worry, I don’t know what half of those things are either, but they are delicious. We also had a roll called Absolem The Caterpillar, it had yamagobo, lemon grass shrimp, onion, peppers and ceviche vinaigrette. 
Tag is great, the items are inventive and they are always trying new things. Recently they’ve served Kangaroo and raw Ostrich, I’d say that sounds awful but Tag makes everything mouthwatering, so I’d put my faith in the chef if you see any of those on the menu. 
I’ve seen in a few Yelp reviews that people were shocked it wasn’t full, me too. I thought maybe because it was the night before Easter, the Rockies and Avs were playing and it was 4/20 weekend in downtown might have kept people away. It wasn’t even half full on a Sat night and the restaurant is very small, maybe twenty percent of the seats are sushi bar seats. To see so many empty seats was shocking, this place is remarkable. It’s in a weird spot, next to closed boutiques at night in a basement space beneath Larimer Square near Tag but it’s worth the shuffle down the stairs and it’s in a wonderful location overall. It’s not cheap, but nothing is in Larimer Square and for the area I’d say it’s a cheaper option than some other spots, but that’s not to say it’s inexpensive.

Tag is worth the trip, or just a stop by if you want something delicious that won’t ruin your night by making you entirely too full and will give you something to talk about later or on the way home.