Denver City Guide: Maya Hidden Worlds Revealed at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science



I’ve always liked museums, they’re the educated persons sports bar. I was really excited to bike over to the Denver Museum of Nature & Science for, “Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed.

If you didn’t think the Mayans were interesting before heading to the exhibit you’ll leave finding them fascinating. They Mayans monitored the sky every night and via extensive record keeping were able to predict astronomical phenomena because they kept nearly perfect records for hundreds and hundreds of years. The Mayans didn’t just look upward and predict their own demise they played a preposterous game with a heavy, large, rubber ball that you could only move with your hips. It’s still played today! There’s so much to learn!!

I left with a deeper appreciation for a people that has had their history trampled on by Hollywood.





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Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science – Until August 24th – $22/person non-member

2001 Colorado Boulevard, Denver, CO