Denver City Guide: Pinche Tacos – Highlands

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Street tacos served at a table and not on a sidewalk might come across as weird for some, but will be delicious for all! Pinche Taqueria has two locations, the original on York St and Colfax and their newer location in Highland. The 32nd St Highland location has a few more seats and some more room and thankfully Sloppy Joses at Happy Hour just like their original location.

Pinche has the best food possibly in Denver, not just Mexican Food. The Sloppy Jose, which is a small Mexican take on the Sloppy Joe is the best thing on any happy hour menu in all of Denver. It’s essentially a slightly spicy Sloppy Joe that uses Chorizo instead of ground beef and way better than any Sloppy Joe I’ve ever had. The tacos are ordered like ordering sushi, with a small menu and happy hour is my favorite time to visit. Happy hour is daily from 3-6p and all night on Mondays!

I hear they have an amazing selection of tequila, though I always seem to be driving. So I’ve yet to get too deep into the adult beverage selection. You can’t miss with any taco though, I love the Tacos Lengua but any choice will be the best taco you’ve had. I had Chicken Chicharrones, which are simply fried  chicken skins that are only on the happy hour menu. They were perfection, another reason to make sure you get to Pinche during happy hour.


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Pinche Tacos • Tequila • Whiskey Highlands 
3300 West 32nd Avenue, Denver, CO 80211


Images: Pinche Tacos and Vanessa Mael for Move 2 Denver