Denver City Guide: Tag Raw Bar



It took me a second to find Tag Raw Bar, it’s down the steps in the basement on Larimer. I did not expect to have to look for it, but it was worth the search.

Tag Raw Bar has Sushi and other raw foods, like Oysters and Taco Sushi, which is as splendid as it sounds which I’ll get to in a sec.
As appetizers we had Taco Sushi, which are small tacos with sushi grade tuna, it’s the best “fish taco” I’ve ever had, by a lot. It’s just wonderful, served on top of fresh avocado. We also tried a Brulee avocado, I’ve never had a blow torched avocado, it’s stupendous. I love avocado and trying this as a Brulee wasn’t something I thought possible.
We  had their sushi rolls too. Sisho-Spicy caught our eyes with the name, and then our pallets and subsequently our hearts. It was made with Hamachi, spicy crab, gobo, shiso and daikon oroshi. Don’t worry, I don’t know what half of those things are either, but they are delicious. We also had a roll called Absolem The Caterpillar, it had yamagobo, lemon grass shrimp, onion, peppers and ceviche vinaigrette. 
Tag is great, the items are inventive and they are always trying new things. Recently they’ve served Kangaroo and raw Ostrich, I’d say that sounds awful but Tag makes everything mouthwatering, so I’d put my faith in the chef if you see any of those on the menu. 
I’ve seen in a few Yelp reviews that people were shocked it wasn’t full, me too. I thought maybe because it was the night before Easter, the Rockies and Avs were playing and it was 4/20 weekend in downtown might have kept people away. It wasn’t even half full on a Sat night and the restaurant is very small, maybe twenty percent of the seats are sushi bar seats. To see so many empty seats was shocking, this place is remarkable. It’s in a weird spot, next to closed boutiques at night in a basement space beneath Larimer Square near Tag but it’s worth the shuffle down the stairs and it’s in a wonderful location overall. It’s not cheap, but nothing is in Larimer Square and for the area I’d say it’s a cheaper option than some other spots, but that’s not to say it’s inexpensive.

Tag is worth the trip, or just a stop by if you want something delicious that won’t ruin your night by making you entirely too full and will give you something to talk about later or on the way home.








Denver City Guide: Pinche Tacos – Highlands

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Street tacos served at a table and not on a sidewalk might come across as weird for some, but will be delicious for all! Pinche Taqueria has two locations, the original on York St and Colfax and their newer location in Highland. The 32nd St Highland location has a few more seats and some more room and thankfully Sloppy Joses at Happy Hour just like their original location.

Pinche has the best food possibly in Denver, not just Mexican Food. The Sloppy Jose, which is a small Mexican take on the Sloppy Joe is the best thing on any happy hour menu in all of Denver. It’s essentially a slightly spicy Sloppy Joe that uses Chorizo instead of ground beef and way better than any Sloppy Joe I’ve ever had. The tacos are ordered like ordering sushi, with a small menu and happy hour is my favorite time to visit. Happy hour is daily from 3-6p and all night on Mondays!

I hear they have an amazing selection of tequila, though I always seem to be driving. So I’ve yet to get too deep into the adult beverage selection. You can’t miss with any taco though, I love the Tacos Lengua but any choice will be the best taco you’ve had. I had Chicken Chicharrones, which are simply fried  chicken skins that are only on the happy hour menu. They were perfection, another reason to make sure you get to Pinche during happy hour.


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Pinche Tacos • Tequila • Whiskey Highlands 
3300 West 32nd Avenue, Denver, CO 80211


Images: Pinche Tacos and Vanessa Mael for Move 2 Denver

Denver City Guide: Maya Hidden Worlds Revealed at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science



I’ve always liked museums, they’re the educated persons sports bar. I was really excited to bike over to the Denver Museum of Nature & Science for, “Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed.

If you didn’t think the Mayans were interesting before heading to the exhibit you’ll leave finding them fascinating. They Mayans monitored the sky every night and via extensive record keeping were able to predict astronomical phenomena because they kept nearly perfect records for hundreds and hundreds of years. The Mayans didn’t just look upward and predict their own demise they played a preposterous game with a heavy, large, rubber ball that you could only move with your hips. It’s still played today! There’s so much to learn!!

I left with a deeper appreciation for a people that has had their history trampled on by Hollywood.





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Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science – Until August 24th – $22/person non-member

2001 Colorado Boulevard, Denver, CO

Denver City Guide: Bad Daddy Burger

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I just had the best double meat sandwich I’ve ever had. It was a Pastrami Burger from Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar, the latest in the seemingly endless parade of new gourmet burger joints in Denver, this one nearly half-owned by Colorado owned Good Times and located in Cherry Creek North. My first meal at Bad Daddy’s had delicious sliced Pastrami on top of savory meety goodness with some thousand-island, swiss and sauerkraut.

You get a side too, I got some House Slaw, I had a craving for cole slaw. But you can choose from Hand Cut French Fries, Onion Straws, Fruit Cup, Housemade Potato Chips, Sweet Potato Fries or Tater Tots as well as some delicious slaw. You can create your own burger as well, including adding Buttermilk Fried Bacon which Vanessa had on her, “Create Your Own Burger”,  I tried a piece and it was amazingly tasty. She figured out a way to create a $19 burger with whatever the heck you had on it, but it was also surpassed her previous favorite burger at Tag Burger Bar and was worth every mouth-watering cent. You can create your own salad too which has received some great reviews, the place smells amazing when you walk-in, good luck ordering a salad.

If you like to have a drink with dinner, I’d recommend trying the Breckenridge Bourbon or Vodka which is a great choice and not found everywhere in town. I try to have some when it’s available.  This was an added plus. They have an extensive beer list and our server was really great, recommended some great beer and helped me lean towards the Pastrami Burger which was a great choice.
Bad Daddy was recently named as one of the Best Burger in 25 Cities by Zagat. This location in Cherry Creek North gets 4.5 of 5 stars in Yelp. It was a nice change-up from Cherry Cricket as a fun place to eat, and a great spot to regain my manhood after making paper-mache flowers at West Elm with my fiancee. I’d check it out, plus they have garage doors that open for the coming warm months making this a great summer spot too!
Bad Daddy Burger Bar – 240 Milwaukee St, Denver, CO 80206