Made in America / 3

Since we have started planning our honeymoon I have started a long search for gorgeous beach towels Made in America! My two current favorites are from Tabula Rasa NY (I love their name) and these beauties were manufactured in Charleston, South Carolina and are 100% cotton!



Image via Tabula Rasa NY

Wouldn’t they look amazing to lounge at the beach?

Have you seen?

Wallpapers and a gorgeous wooden cabinet Made in America?



Made in America / 2

Continuing with our series “Made in America” (have you see the first post about wallpapers yet?), today we are bringing to you this amazing Delano Cabinet, via Room and Board and made in Wisconsin! We are in love with it! In fact, this is one of the pieces in our wedding registry!

538811_wood_W knox_286570_14e


It’s one of the very few pieces that make storage look good!

The simple, clean look of each Delano cabinet is a tribute to mid-century modern design. Handcrafted from solid wood and carefully selected wood veneers, Delano offers a beautiful mix of materials with its stainless steel base.

Via Room and Board.

Virtual Gallery Wall

Over here, at Move 2 Denver (and at home too!) we are constantly searching for art that will make our walls sing! I end up rotating my favorite pieces with new ones every season or so and our gallery wall always shows our mood for that moment! We have done our rounds at Etsy and created a virtual gallery wall with amazing art we love!


Via Geninne on Etsy


Via Albie Designs


Via Becca Stadlander 

And a postcard that always makes me smile:


Via Red Camper

Obviously, my mood reflects the nature that’s around me here in Colorado.

A gorgeous green home in Boulder, CO

I love featuring Colorado homes here in the blog! This one today is special, it’s a fantastic green home (their energy bill is only $9/month!), built in Boulder by architect Renée del Gaudio and her family after the 2010 Fourmile Canyon Fire that destroyed 162 properties in the area, including the structure the family was leasing to a college student!

This is a fantastic story about overcoming a tragic event and coming out on the top, with their heads held high!






images via Dwell.

They savaged construction lumber from the burnt trees in the property, planted seeds for native grasses and wildflowers, used green windows and a lot of glass to use the natural light as much as possible and installed solar panels!

Doesn’t that sound like a dream project? It’s in my bucket list!

Read the entire article here.

Made in America

We are starting a new series on the blog today! It’s about home furnishings and design made in America! We want to focus on products that were conceptualized and/or created, manufactured in the US. The idea is that, these products, in special, are created with the American home owner in mind, it will translate the design aesthetic and culture of America and offer something that looks amazing and feels close to home!

To start today, the brand new line of wallpapers launched by CB2, from the Crate and Barrel group, based in Chicago, IL that are modern, with classic touches, and just look incredible! Wallpapers have made a huge comeback in the past few years and we are in love!


branch out. Leafy branches flourish in a bold botanical design by Chicago-based artist Noël Ashby. Capturing the liveliness of a tree, graphic silhouettes pop in red/orange on light grey. Good news for renters: a self-adhesive backing makes this wallpaper removable.


twiggy pop. Painterly trees take root in a modern forest by Chicago-based designer Noël Ashby where metallic gold branches grow graphic on cream. Traditional paste wallpaper is designed for long-term use (adhesive not included).


twiggy pop. Painterly trees take root in a modern forest by Chicago-based designer Noël Ashby where aqua branches grow graphic on silvery white. Traditional paste wallpaper is designed for long-term use (adhesive not included).

My favorite has to be the aqua/minty one! I’ve been dying to use wallpaper here at the Move2Denver offices. I might go for the mint, that matches our logo! What do you guys think?


Would you use wallpaper in your home or office?

We would love to hear from you!


A home inspection is a buyers first defense when buying a home, it’s what prevents your from borrowing hundreds of thousands of dollars for the next 30 years to only buy a home that’s falling down, a severe fire hazard or just going to cost to much to fix back up. A home inspection costs about $350, often though buyers try to covnice me they don’t need to hire a professional home inspector, they have a handy uncle or in the case I’m going to tell you a Father-In-Law that used to be a home inspector but didn’t inspect too many homes (experience counts too, not necessarily years but how often they work), it went even more poorly than I expected.
Several weeks after the home buyer I was working with, we’ll call her Jackie, had her home inspection finished and a mere one day after closing on her new dream home Jackie called me in a panic saying when she flushed her toilet it backed up into bathtub, which is a sign of a pretty big problem. I had Jackie call her home warranty company, 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty, we provide most of our home buyers with a warranty to help pay for anything that may arise in the first year of owning a home,  to get a plumber out ASAP to fix what was probably going to be a thousand dollar problem thankfully for only a little over $100 which is the cost of the deductible.
The plumber discovered that the seller had a pipe burst and since they didn’t live at the home just taped up a rubber sleeve with not even plumbers tape, but athletic tape and saved themselves a pretty hefty plumbing bill. In the words of the plumber, “They just tried to pass the inspection.” The pipes were in the crawl space, a little bit up the wall in a space that any quality home inspector would have seen when in the crawl space inspecting the home and we would have had this paid for by the seller long before closing and before having some gross stuff float into the tub. The total repair ended up costing $1,820 just a day after closing, thankfully because of the warranty almost all of that was covered even though there was some pretty obvious fraud by the seller. You can’t always trust who you buy a home from but when spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a home you should be willing to invest a few hundred extra on making sure you are buying a home devoid of any odd defects, it’s a much better investment than getting all of the furniture you want on the first day in your new home which is what our home buyer did. A home inspection is remarkably important, we recommend a home inspector that goes through every single part of the home and explains every issue to you so you can make an informed decision, anything short of that gets you into the type of trouble Jackie got in.

Make Super Sunday a fun day for all!

It’s time for the big game, so get out that super big bowl (that’s as close as we could get to saying the name of the game without the NFL getting peeved) for the chips and throw a party that’ll make the neighbors ask to come over next  year.

Screen shot 2013-01-31 at 4.24.40 PM

First, what to make? Personally, I’d serve cheese covered in extra cheese for the game but some people just want more creativity in their choices. Check out our Pinterest page for delicious ideas like a sandwich that looks like a football including the laces, football cakes and all sorts of other foods that look like the oblong ball we’ll be watching get tossed around Sunday. We also have foods pinned that don’t look like footballs. Like healthy pizza, sliders with spinach and peppers, bacon wrapped potatoes and some party design advice we found on and other places around the internet.

Screen shot 2013-01-31 at 4.23.42 PM

Sports has been weird lately, fake girlfriend stories and discovery that Deer Antler Spray is actually something athletes use to cheat (sadly, it’s not a new condiment like I first thought) have been oddly fascinating and disconcerting. After those insane topics are done being discussed amongst your friends though how do you keep the half of your guests that are enormous football fans from staring at their phones, looking up stats and not speaking with anyone in between plays and during commercials? How about a second screen in the room dedicated to game info, like stats?  During the commercial breaks the non-fans of commercials that are football aficionados can talk about who has more yards than whom, using stats to engage in conversation rather than staring at the phone and having an internal monologue? Bust out the laptop or tablet and invite everyone to use it, tell them why and demonstrate rather than staring at your phone, find a few things that everyone may find interesting. Make some other content that might engage your guests easy to access in the same place, using our complete reliance on being over stimulated to keep everyone engaged, even those guests that might wonder why 60 Minutes is canceled for the game. Think this seems crazy? According to 36% of people will utilize a second screen during the Super Bowl this year to check out stats and follow what everyone is saying online, so why not use it as a reason to bring people together? Sure they’ll stick look at their phones sometimes, but the less they do that and the more people connect the more you’ll through a party they’ll look forward to next year.

Give everyone great options for food, drink, plus the mental over-stimulation we all require these days and you’ll throw the party of the year. Unlike the Broncos, you’ll be a hero this Super Sunday.