Denver City Guide: Tag Burger Bar

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We’re all fully aware we have a lot of Burger options these days, from local chains like Smashburger to the Cherry Cricket and one of my favorite burgers in town at the Lowry Beer Garden. But, none of these creates a gourmet experience, one that you would bring your obnoxious foodie friend to and he would marvel at the variety and gourmet quality touches to the burgers. Tag Burger Bar may make your foodie friend stop twirling his handlebar mustache long enough to thank you.
To impress your foodie friend start with some Truffle Aioli and Parmesan Fries, just hearing the word Aioli will make their heart sing (calling Aioli “Fancy Mayo” is a fun way to drive your friend nuts) and they are by far the best fries I’ve ever had. The Aioli and Parmesan was spread evenly and consistently throughout which is rare for fries with toppings and were robust, it was such high quality it feels like it might be wasted on fries, but they aren’t because French Fries are awesome as we all know. I also love a fried pickle and grabbed an order of those too, they are cut the long way which is the only way a pickle should be fried and come with spicy ranch which is homemade and remarkable.
Oddly when I was at Tag I was craving a burger and a cheese steak, which meant I was in the right place! I had a Philly Heart Attack Bison Burger on a Bluepoint Bakery Bun (you can also have a gluten free bun or use lettuce as a bun if you’re crazy enough to use lettuce as bread). My burger, cooked Medium-Rare perfectly like I asked for had grilled onions, sauteed green peppers and bananas peppers, lettuce, tomato and the coup de gras: Cheese Whiz! Wow, just wow, it’s the primary reason it’s now salad week in my house. You can have a litany of other choices too from their take on a Texas Burger to a burger that has truffles, pork belly, chicken skin and other not so healthy remarkable items, which I’m sure you’re foodie friend will order since it has a $20 upcharge on top of how much you pay for the burger, as an example the Bison Burger costs $10 then you add on, the Philly Heart Attack being $4 and this being $20 extra, but it looks worth it if you don’t mind paying $30 for a burger. You’re average for a burger should be between $13-$15 each if you don’t go all in on the burger with truffles and such.
Tag Burger Bar’s take on the burger takes it somewhere new, somewhere great and they’re so fancy they even take reservations.
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Tag Burger Bar – 1222 Madison Street, Denver, CO – Congress Park

One thought on “Denver City Guide: Tag Burger Bar

  1. Bret, finally getting around to pinning this burger. I’ve got to make a trip for this one. My son lives in Lowry and loves the beer garden. Nice to find your site.

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